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Sometimes we need reassurance and a plan from an expert

Merko Ingram is a pediatric registered dietitian private practice specializing in premature and term infants

We believe that every parent should feel confident about feeding their child 

If you are concerned about your baby's nutrition, book an appointment with us.

We can help!


Meet Leanne & Susan

Registered Pediatric Dietitians

Connect with Susan Merko and Leanne Ingram, who are revolutionizing infant nutrition care. As leaders in their field, these two long-time friends and colleagues are passionate about optimizing the nutrition of premature and term infants.


With a dedicated focus on improving care within their hospitals, they have become pioneers in the industry. Now, with the launch of their private practice, Susan and Leanne are excited to bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to parents and practitioners alike.


Let them guide you through the complex world of infant nutrition and help you give your little one the best start in life.


Growth, feed intake, and quality of feeding should be assessed at discharge then closely monitored every 2-4 weeks after discharge until appropriate growth is established. Parents should have access to a dietitian as needed.

-- Canadian Pediatric Society, 2022

What We Specialize In

Premature Infants

Growth Challenges

Specialized Feeding Recipes

Infant Allergies

Personalized Nutrition Plans

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"Dietitians are highly trained professionals skilled at assessing, diagnosing and managing the nutritional care needs of neonates. Consideration should be given to provision of enhanced nutritional support for at risk infants after discharge."


-- The British Association of Perinatal Medicine, November 2022

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