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When your child isn’t feeding or growing well it can be extremely stressful. The information coming at you is overwhelming, sometimes conflicting professional to professional. Years of working in an acute care academic hospital in pediatrics has given us the experience and knowledge to help families navigate these health situations and put the best plan in place. 


Most private health insurance plan or health spending accounts have coverage for registered dietitian services. We have the option of billing directly to many private health insurance companies.  If your insurance company does not allow for direct billing we provide receipt of service after each session. Dietitian fees are tax deductible in provinces in Canada. 

Jamie G

I worked with Leanne when my daughter Rosie was 4 months old & newly diagnosed with FPIES. Leanne helped us figure out which formula to use, how to start individual food trials, which foods to try & how to build recipes.
Our sessions together quite literally saved me as a scared and overwhelmed mother in those first few months. She has a practical approach and is very knowledgeable, sharing the latest research and what it means for your child. She will make you feel empowered & will help support you and your family in any sort of challenges you may be facing.

Mary-Claire and Melissa

Our daughter was born at 25 weeks gestation and spent 3 months in the NICU before coming home. As new parents who spent so much time in the hospital discussing our baby's feeding in such a medically focused space, it was difficult to transition to all of a sudden being at home without any regular check-ins with medical professionals.
Once we connected with Leanne, we were immediately relieved to have her support and guidance as we navigated our first few months with a preterm infant at home. Leanne listened to all of our concerns and it was so comforting speaking with someone who really understood what we were going through. We felt so much more confident with our baby's feeding plan and Leanne also helped us understand what to expect in the months ahead.
Leanne always provides thorough, well researched information. When it was time to start solid foods, we were quite nervous and Leanne helped empower us to understand our baby's readiness for introducing solids and building on the types of food we offered her. We are so grateful for the support that Leanne has provided our family and we are grateful that she'll continue to be part of our daughter's care team. We highly recommend connecting with Leanne or Susan for help with your baby's feeding journey!

Jaye A

I was referred to Leanne when my son was 10 weeks old as he was born small for gestational age, was gaining slowly and was experiencing a lot of discomfort with feeding. As a first time mom  I was exhausted, stressed and incredibly anxious.
Leanne made me feel supported and gave me the confidence I needed to trust my baby. It was very clear from our first call that she was an experienced dietitian, but what I came to value the most was her calming nature, prompt responses and how generous she is with her time. Unlike most medical appointments I would look forward to our meetings and would always leave them feeling more optimistic.
I am pleased to say that my son is now growing beautifully and no longer experiences discomfort when eating Leanne was/is an integral part of my son's journey and my postpartum experience.
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